Your donations will provide for a tipping point in enhancing the longevity of our Samoan culture and communities.

Membership Donations 

As an occurring member, your monthly donations will not only provide you with the abilities to assist in solidifying intuitive and engaging ways to enhance probabilities to overcome our adversities, but to also influence much needed involvement in solutions to advocate positive improvements in our Samoan communities.

Our Samoan nonprofits, businesses, and community members will also have access to utilize Samoan Connects office space up to 2 hours daily with a limited capacity, to hold conferences, discussions, and meetings. This promotes engagement, encouragement and support of acknowledgements, meet and greets, along with important decision making with your team in a professional and private setting.

Requests are considered on a first registered basis and availability. Registration to become a member can be made through the registration forms, under the volunteer section. Please indicate your regard and provide us with detailed information on the intent of your interest. You can also email us directly at for quicker response and one of our team members will connect with you for further information.