Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer. Volunteers are a major resource for our nonprofit. Working with Samoan Connect can provide you with a meaningful sense of purpose, teach life skills, and advance your professional career.

Volunteer Eligibility 

of time, energy, information, abilities, sources for the sake of others, in other words to make an effort, care and to have an interest in other people without expecting any profit and have a shifting tendency from egocentric to empathetic attitude. Willing to take on creative ways to connect, encourage, and support our Samoan communities starting primarily here in the US.

Patience and Tenacity.

Making a positive and exceptional change takes a lot of patience and tenacity as not everything moves as quickly as you’d like. More than often, things don’t always fall into place as easily as you’d expect. Be inflexible and never stop persevering for a better tomorrow.


Volunteer requires you to be selfless and focus only on how you can create a meaningful impact. Great volunteers understand this and are eager to do everything possible to bring about a positive change.


Volunteering is about working towards something bigger than yourself. Learning the art of teamwork will be one of the biggest lessons you can learn from volunteering.

To inquire about our Volunteer or Internship availability, please contact us at support@samoanconnect.org.

For all other inquiries email us at info@samoanconnect.org, or schedule a one-on-one 15-minute session with one of our team members on Calendly @ calendly.com/support_samoanconnect.